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Rumblings & Bumblings Responses: Day Late & A Bit Short

The pickings were slim this week as we tapped out our collective well of knowledge. But we do have an update, which is better than we could have ever hoped for. Questions? Answers? Updates? Corrections? Email us at . We crave your attention.

First an UPDATE to a previous R&B question.

BeverlyGrove: In regards to the exploding Ross we have an update from an adjacent neighbor. "I heard from my favorite bus driver today that she and the manager of Ross Dress for Less had a conversation and apparently Ross has signed a five year lease. So evidently, we rent (and mortgage) poor moms can still buy our budget designer clothes until 2011 while low incomers will have to look elsewhere for new housing. boom!"

and now for the new stuff...

1) BeverlyGrove: The Beverly Connection question elicited a few yawns and one emailer response, who directed us to the project web site which does feature some water colory renderings from Gensler (see above) and not much else. So as to a completion date, we can't answer that.

2) Beverly Crest: We dispatched our cousin, who works in that Frank Gehry designed building on Sunset, to take some pics of the garagemajal Wednesday. Unfortunately, he's been unable to transfer them to his computer or something. We hope to have the digital pictures in our cold, sweaty hands this weekend. We'll post accordingly.

3) Larchmont: The hole in the ground that will magically sprout the Larchmont Lofts gets not a single reply. Even the bitter staffers in the Planning Department who usually email us failed to respond. Maybe we'll do actual research and check it out. Sorry.