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Bernard Parks Wants His Rose Line and He Wants It Now

Councilman Bernard Parks can no longer be ignored. We tried. We really tried. We can only dedicate so much space to blight-busting Dennis Zine and Curbed patron-saint Jack Weiss before we morph into a political blog. But Parks has crossed into our territory with his recent stance against the naming of the new rail line to Culver City as the Aqua Line. The Honorable Mr. Parks prefers the Rose Line. Via the Times:

...Parks, whose City Council district will be bisected by the new rail line, doesn't like the Aqua Line, or another MTA suggestion: the Purple Line. Nor, for that matter, does he like the selection process — which failed to ask residents for their color choices. So, what's wrong with aqua or purple?

"Those are colors that don't resonate," Parks explained.

He also said the MTA doesn't listen to his constituents in South Los Angeles as much as it does to those on the line's proposed Westside end.

"It seems to me that the folks who supported aqua seemed more affiliated with Phase II, not Phase I," Parks conceded.

While Parks concerns himself with the color of our new transit line and with Chief Bratton's lack of cordiality when dealing with the Council, we ask Mr. Parks - where is our NFL team? why haven't they agreed to locate in the Coliseum yet? WTF? Tell the NFL you'll name the stupid train the Tagliabue Line if it gets us our team in the Coliseum.
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