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Daryl Hannah Keeps Fighting with her Arms

Last night during an important dinner with a friend at Birds where we wondered aloud if hermaphroditic was indeed an adjective, the topic of the South Central Farm arose. Our friend queried what ever happened to Daryl Hannah and her tree. Today, LA Indy Media conveniently answers that question. Daryl Hannah is in Rome, and she's telling the Italians all about the Farm. LA Indy Media posts several clips from Italian news articles written on the subject. The translations posted may be a bit broken, so bare with us. Some choice cuts:

From Corriere Della Serra:

In the South Central Farm of the City of Angels 350 families of farmers work since 14 years. The owner of the land, the rich business man Ralph Horowitz, has decided to transform the area, building a big warehouse in the place of organic products growings. A choice totally not acceptable to the ex-android of Blade Runner. "The farm has helped to reduce of 70% the decay and the violence of one of the most dangerous areas of LA; it is a paradise for children and a green lung for the city."

And from Il Messaggero:

It seems a Frank Capra's movie. The role of the bad one is, without any doubt, that of multimillionaire Ralph Horowitz, who decides to build up a big warehouse in the place of SCF in LA and to destroy the life of 350 families of farmers who cultivated this land for 14 years... ...

To fight against Horowitz do you think it would be better the sweet Daryl in Splash or the bad one in Kill Bill?
"I don't believe - and I never did - in violence. I think that the power of persuasion and that of reason are the best ways to win a cause. I will keep on fighting with these arms."

· Daryl Hannah & John Quigley Send Their Solidarity to South Central Farmers from Rome Italy [LA Indy Media]