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The Kitty Bites Back

The Frisky Kitty strip club in Tarzana has managed to beat back an attempt by City officials to shut it down. Blight buster, Councilman Dennis Zine (CD3) is furious that the Kitty has managed to stay open despite zoning rules which ban strip clubs within 500 feet of residential areas. True, but the code is silent on how you measure that 500 feet leaving enough wiggle room for the dancers of the Kitty to keep shaking their boobies for neighborhood pervs.

"If zoning laws are not going to be enforced due to the court decision then I believe many communities will be highly enraged," Zine said, adding that more legislation might be needed to decide what can go in certain areas "so you don't have a landfill next to a preschool or a bar next to a nursery school." The City's next step is to either sue again or maybe make the code less silent. In the meantime, the Frisky Kitty continues to serve patrons at 18454 Oxnard in lovely Tarzana.
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