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Jamba Juice Closure Creates Panic

(image via Flickr user foolswisdom)

We were in a panic recently when we visited friends in Santa Monica only to discover that the Jamba Juice store on Montana had been vacated. When we don't get our Jamba Juice, we get cranky. The Canyon News reports that Jamba Juice and a slew of other retailers have started leaving Montana. The problem seems to be high-rents driving both small boutiques and some national chains out of the neighborhood.

Despite the street’s quality products and popularity, when one strolls down Montana Avenue, every other window seems to be either covered with brown paper, a coming soon sign, or large letters spelling SALE. Small boutiques such as Rebel, Barkley Hope, and Z-Clothing, amongst others, have recently vanished one by one. According to a sales representative from Jane Smith, a small boutique towards the west end of the street,“ On Montana Avenue, private businesses have a hard time unless you have either a corporation to back you, or rent control. ”

Montana Avenue is now seeing an influx of pricey national chain stores including Kiehl's and Lucky Jeans. The closure of the Montana Avenue Jamba Juice leaves just one JJ store left in Santa Monica at the Third Street promenade (map).
· Montana Avenue: A Ghost Town? [Canyon News]