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Rumblings & Bumblings: Beverly Disconnected

1) BeverlyGrove: Updates anyone? A reader asks about the Beverly Connection, not to be confused with the Beverly Center. " i'm sure I have missed the links...but seriously, what is going on with the beverly connection renovation? It feels like a golf course in Baja.....they ran out of money before the first hole."

2) Beverly Crest: First excuse us if that's the wrong neighborhood designation. Maybe we should just say "above Sunset". An emailer has a request for shutterbugs in the readership. "Can some intrepid reader get us more photos and info on the current state of the Garagemahal? That has got to be the most egregious thing I've ever seen. I'd rather have a humungo, salmon pink mcmansion next to my home than the garage. Oh wait, I already do have a humungo, salmon pink mcmansion next door. Oh well."

3) Larchmont: Cool. A Larchmont question. "What's going on with the Larchmont Lofts on the north end of the Boulevard (Avenue?) where it hits Melrose?? It once was a grassy field, then a hole in the ground, and now just dirt with nary a construction vehicle in sight. The sign announcing the lofts is still up though."

You guys did a bang-up job last week. Let's see if we can repeat that success. Email your tips to and we'll post on Thursday.