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Development News of Note

[Image of 8th & Grand (40 story tower, 24 story tower, and 15 story tower)]

A very dedicated (read: obsessed) contributor at the SkyscraperCity forums has posted pictures and information on over 45 new development projects planned for downtown LA. Which makes our job just so much easier. It doesn't include adaptive reuse projects currently underway downtown, which would probably double the number of projects. Useful not only to find renderings of the major projects we all know and love/loath, like Grand Ave and the LAPD headquarters, but some of the lesser-known projects such as the YWCA Job Center and Ralphs Market + Lofts Above.
· Los Angeles Downtown New Projects [SkyscraperCity Forums]

The LA Downtown News takes a look at adaptive reuse project, Library Court. While the condos have "loft-like" qualities, for some reason the developer eschews the term loft:

I'm not sure what the definition of a true loft is, but we try to call ourselves an elegant, urban design - elegantly modern," said Walter Eeds, CEO of the Greystone Group. "I love loft design and aesthetics, but the character of this building and its location lent itself to a streamlined, finished look. We wanted something more sleek. Got that? Lofts out, "elegantly modern" in.
· A New Chapter for Library Court [LA Downtown News] Another battle is starting to brew. Looking slightly farther east and south than downtown, the LA Times reports the state is assessing a site in Whittier for a prison. Not surprisingly, Whitter officials are hoping for something slightly more...benign. Like a lovely mixed-use development with maybe a Starbucks and a Best Buy. It was supposed to be sold to developer Richard Meruelo (Sci Arc's bete noir) for $107 million when the Dept of Corrections asked the state Public Works Board to delay the sale while they assessed feasibility for a prison. As this progresses, we might have a future contender for our favorite anti-development site feature.
· State to Assess Whittier Site for a Prison [LA Times]