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Brangelina W House for Sale

Remember that W layout with Brad and Angelina and all the cute kids playing house called Domestic Bliss that was published like 30 seconds after he left Jen? And you felt bad for Jen, but LOVED the clothes and the makeup and the photos, and most importantly, ohmigod, the HOUSE? Well, the 1957 Kenaston Residence in Rancho Mirage is now for sale, offered at $2,875,000. Deasy/Penner & Partners has the listing and all those gorgeous Eames chairs and Nelson lamps are apparently included in the price. The chosen one, however, is not.
· buy brad & angelina’s fantasy house [Shelteriffic]

More pix after the jump.

[UPDATE: We just heard from a spokesperson for deasy/penner and apparently, those furnishings are not included. Try DWR.]