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Beverly Hills High Under Threat of Shadows

The Canyon News reports that citizens of Beverly Hills are in a tizzy over the proposed construction of a high-rise tower adjacent to Beverly Hills High School. Nevermind that the school has an oil derrick hovering over its track, parents are worried that the construction of the tower may endanger the lives of their children. What would that brainy nerdiac Andrea do about this? SunCal Companies plans to build something - nobody is sure what - on a 2.25 acre parcel of land adjacent to the school.

Beverly Hills community members have expressed concern that the construction will endanger the health and safety of the high school students. Construction can increase vehicle movement and further congest the intersection, posing a risk to student safety, said Beverly Hills Mayor Steve Webb.

Mayor Webb hopes that SunCal will do the right thing and meet with the community before it actually builds anything and has enlisted the help of Councilman Jack Weiss in his quest. Good luck with that Mayor Webb.
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