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Bad Feng Shui:1100 Wilshire

We check in periodically at the LoftLA message board to see what's new and improved in downtown living. We're never dissapointed. Buyers of units in 1100 Wilshire, the good feng shui building, are still waiting to move in and some of them have had enough with the run around and constant delays. During walk-throughs residents are taking note of shoddy interior work and scuffed up floors and windows. Ooh, the drama. Referencing a message on a Yahoo! Board, one post reports the following:

I am on 21 fl. and had a walkthrough today. I had to dodge construction materials and hardhats to get to my unit. Frankly, I thought this "pre-walkthrough" was rather immature. I don't want to pour a rain on the parade, but I really don't think the building will be ready for awhile longer - perhaps 3-4 months. The walkthrough went fairly well. If my unit is a representative of other units, these are some of the things you should watch out for:
1. The granite counter top joint/splice is not even.
2. The baseboard has uneven joints and corners do not match tightly. Also, look for nail wholes. They should be filled and stained to match the wood.
3. Paint overspread through out.
4. The window sills - numerous scratches.
5. Kitchen cabinet covers and drawers - would you believe these are made out of particle boards? It looked cheesy. I think this is going to be the first thing that I will have replace (with real wood) when I move in. Wow! I can not believe they actually used particle boards to save few pennies! My cabinet covers in my cheap motorhome look better. What is with that?

I don't want to give anyone the impression that I am not happy with the unit. When I looked out (the VIEW) everything was forgiven. The final walkthrough should go better - when that would be is anyone's guess. Except for a few posters looking to do a quick flip, most seem to be sticking it out. And one guy wants to sue. There's always one.
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