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Pre-fab Fab on Abbott Kinney

We were a little too slow to post in time for last tuesday's open house for Jennifer Siegel's Prefab Showroom on Abbott Kinney, but we're giving you advance notice on tomorrow's. Siegel's Office of Mobile Design has been getting lots of press lately in the LA Times, the NY Times, the Washington Post, etc for her green-friendly, modern pre-fab design that is not only mobile, but also comply with the HUD code dimensions. And this isn't your typical trailer park home:

The Prefab Showroom is a product that embraces the advantages of the modern manufactured housing industry – factory production, mass-customization of materials and repetitive labor practices – combined with the advantages of good green design. The home offers eco-friendly materials such as bamboo and coconut palm flooring, Kirei panels made from Japanese Sorghum plants and non-toxic Koskipanels, along with some newer technologies such as tankless water heaters, radiant electric heaters, translucent polycarbonate sheets, and an iPort integrated sound system. OMD's second open house will take place tomorrow from 11am-4pm at 1650 Abbot Kinney Boulevard Venice, CA 90291. Starting price: $172,800 (which obviously doesn't include the million dollar land its sitting on).