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Eating on the Go

July's edition of Polar Inertia features an interesting food-stand photo essay by photographer Gerald Panter, who has documented the changing face of LAs food-stand culture over the past eight years through his lens. Not a bad photo assignment, if we do say so ourselves. Panter explains his food thinking:

Los Angeles is a city in a constant state of flux; there can be considerable change in the short span of eight years. During that brief time, quite a few of these remnants of a vanishing part of Los Angeles history have closed, their structures abandoned or demolished. Others have undergone one or more changes of name and/or extensive renovation by virtue of having come under new ownership, in a last-ditch effort at self preservation or to accommodate the neighborhood’s change in demographics. Menus which featured hamburgers and hot dogs seem to have given way to those featuring tacos and burritos, while former purveyors of such Mexican fare now feature teriyaki and other Asian specialities. Save the pastrami stands!
· Eating on the Run: Los Angeles' Fast Food Stands [Polar Inertia]