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Too Much Traffic, Not Enough Money

(Image from Spencer Weiner / LAT)

From the annals of "Glaringly Obvious Truths About California:" our highways are f'ed. The LA Times reports our highways are in need of repair, but there just isn't enough money in the budget to fix them all up. They put the price tag at $140 billion, but "for now, the state expects to spend $21 billion on road maintenance and improvement over the next five years. Additional money could come from $37.3 billion in bond measures on the November ballot — the only new money proposed in the state's $116-billion infrastructure plan." Is your daily commute more hellish than everyone else's? The LA Times provides a handy guide to the eightmworst roads in California, and 21 more that really suck.
· So Many Cars, So Little Money [LA Times]