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McMansion Envy #23

What makes this McMansion different from all other McMansions? Its not a home at all - an unusual find on the MLS. Instead of the typical amenities of our favorite McMansions (faux-Tuscan design, rock sculptures with waterfalls, olympic-sized swimming pools), this one has a "250 seat auditorium, 2 story Mayan library designed by renowned architect, circa 1936. Multiple offices, classrooms, administrative quarters, bookstore and warehouse surround Deco inspired courtyard." Its located in Los Feliz on Griffith Park Blvd, asking price a mere $4,950,000. According to our tipster: "I think it's tied to the latest incarnation of the Theosophists, one of the new age-y spiritual movements that began here. But now it's called something else, I think." Surely another new age-y spiritual movement known for their real estate acquisitiveness in Hollywood could do something with the property.

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