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Hideous Tower Sours Lives. Kills Children.

The commenters have spoken, and they apparently don't like our haphazard tone with the post on the One Broadway Plaza tower being built in Santa Ana. Ergo, we amend the post to be less developer positive. You comment, we listen!

The ugly glass box in the middle of Santa Ana, known as One Broadway Plaza, has once again been delayed, this time over concerns about asbestos. OBP developer Mike Harrah has shown little if any concern over the handling of hazardous materials he is releasing into the environment, threatening nearby residents and their children with asbestos from the demolition of buildings on the project site.

[Project neighbor Thomas Gordon] said his own tests showed that asbestos at the Santa Ana work site was three times more than federal regulations allowed without special handling. "Asbestos is deadly," he said. "This is not like secondhand smoke that goes away. These guys were bashing down the building and releasing these fibers into the air."

Neighbors are already reeling from Harrah's placement of a 37-story tower in the middle of a neighborhood with two and three story buildings, but this release of hazardous materials has many wondering what the f* is going on. How can a developer be so irresponsible? That's a rhetorical question.
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