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Luma Green

We can't promise you that Luma isn't built on an Indian burial ground, doesn't threaten your children in some way, or that the developer doesn't hand out Canadian quarters to the homeless, but we can assure you that Luma will be certifiably green. California Construction reports on the South Group's goal to attain LEED Silver certification for the new 19-story condominium tower. In order to get green, apparently you have to waste a lot of paper.

"To get LEED certification, it requires a large amount of paperwork," [Project Manager Murray Jenkins] said. And some of the things [Ankrom Moisan Associated Architects] is having installed may not even qualify for the LEED certification, Jenkins said.

For example, planters installed around the building will allow water to go through the soil and enter the ground, he said.

Architects enjoy designing green buildings, Jenkins added. Buildings use a lot of resources and can be a large source for emissions. Reducing that impact is something architects like to do, he said.

"It's certainly something we feel proud of," Jenkins said. "It is a fun challenge."

Other than providing a fun challenge for architects and saving some dollars on utilities, there are few incentives for developers to go green. Although, we've heard that the City might be offering some monetary incentives in the future, nothing has been done as of yet.
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