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Monday Morning Linkage

Since we seem to get knocked for being "anti-downtown development" here's a bit of "good" news for the downtown luxury condominium market. The South Group's Evo on South Grand Ave is selling pretty briskly. This comes after South Group's success selling out its other two luxury condo buildings: Elleven and Luma. Average sale price? $848,376.
· The South Group's Evo Comes Flying out of the Gate with Stunning Sales Event Numbers [Business Wire]

Is Robert Bruegmann the new Joel Kotkin? According to his Op-Ed in yesterday's LA Times, gridlock is good for us! So is sprawl! So stop your bitching about traffic, and your whining about needing transit alternatives and load up that Hummer with that $74 per barrel gasoline!
· Gridlock, schmidlock [LA Times]

The Gehry/Guggenheim juggernaut continues their bid for world domination. This time the two lovebirds are honeymooning in Abu Dhabi, building the largest of their museums in the small Persian Gulf nation. And just because we like to spur contentious debate in the comments, think about this: "The project poses some striking cultural juxtapositions, bringing a museum named for a powerful Jewish-American family and designed by a Jewish architect to the capital of an Arab country that refuses diplomatic ties with Israel." Go to it, readers.
· Guggenheim Foundation to build its largest museum in Abu Dhabi [USA Today]