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Broker Boys & Babes: Polling Underway

Months of feverish work and building anticipation has come to this. The polls are open in Curbed LA's First Annual Broker Boys & Babes Contest to determine the hottest male and female real estate agents in Los Angeles. We took your nominations, reviewed each, slept on it, congregated and have come up with this list of who you chose. We'll be taking your votes from now until Thursday afternoon, so please vote for your favorite. We haven't done this before so if something screwy happens don't blame us. We're victims of the technology, man. Now VOTE!

Broker Pages: Bruce Stewart; Phil Drewry; Nick Stabile; Sergei Klyzamin; and Richard Crenna.

Broker Pages: Carrie Anderson; Amy Karl; Natalie Ferguson; Elizabeth Masterman; and Christy Glenn.