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Wanted: More Hot Australians

Know what Holywood really needs? More hot, Australian celebrities. Nicole Kidman, Hugh Jackman and Russell Crowe just aren't filling our quota. And while we're pleased as punch to see Kylie kicking cancer's ass, we just feel like there's a big, gaping hole in our hearts ready to be filled by some young, Aussie hunk. Fortunately, Olympian Ian Thorpe has just bought a house in the Hollywood Hills for $1.17 million:

The brown 1970s timber home with a large balcony has valley views and can hardly been seen from the dirt road below or neighbouring houses. Thorpe's super secure mountain retreat is surrounded by trees and the swimming champion has chosen a very private neighbourhood to call home with trees, lifts, fences and walls protecting the well-to-do residents from prying eyes.Oddly enough, the Thorpedo seems to have bought a house without a pool. No one likes to bring work home with them. Even record-breaking Olympic swimmers.
· Ian Thorpe's Hollywood Hills Home []