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World Cup Fever/ Beckham Makes Play For LA

Its World Cup madness here at Curbed LA. We're excitedly looking forward to watching a few games on a friends new ginormous flat screen television in the coming weeks. Go Portugal!

Speaking of soccer football news, Los Angeles may need to brace itself for some hot Posh and Becks action in the very near future. Our new favorite blog, Sprinkles:The Wit and Wisdom of CupCakes, reports a chance encounter with a Potuguese real estate agent at the Citizen Smith bar in Hollywood, where she reports the following:

Towards the end of the evening (around 1:30am) I met a man from Portugal. As soon as he mentioned this I brought up my favorite topic of the month – The World Cup. After discussing our top picks for this years winner, he tells me that he works in real estate and is actually out here looking for a house for the Beckham’s (as in David and Victoria) Apparently David has struck a deal with the Los Angeles Galaxy TO PLAY HERE IN 2007!!! In order to get around the tight salary cap set by MLS, Beckham will play as an owner, being handed over 75% of the team! Could this be just some sleezy dude's attempt to pick her up, or should we start bracing ourselves for Beck's house hunting excitement.
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