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More Dispatches from AIA

Another attendee of the AIA convention weighs in on epicurean travesties, and what happens when you combine pretension, hackneyed metaphors, and architects all in one volatile mix (and we thought that pretty much described this blog):

Architect Food. It's a perfect description: Hush puppies crowning a plastic shot glass filled with a sip of crawfish gravy, the obligatory raw ahi tuna served on a bed of live wheat grass, finger-thin tamales wrapped in tiny banana-leaf packets. And some of those little greek triangle thingies that tasted like they were straight from Trader Joe's.

I'd also note that the pre-recorded intros to the awards were masterpieces of self-congratulatory bullshit. I had to remind myself that a metaphor is to give form to the abstract, not the other way around. If ever I hear "vocabulary" or "language" attached to architecture, I'm going to hurl my miso lettuce wrap.

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