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End of the Week Rumor Crushing: Ennis Brown NOT Sold

Thanks to the tipsters who wrote in to tell us the Ennis Brown rumor is pretty unlikely. One kindly sent us the public record card which showed the house was last sold in 1992, and the last mortgage payment was paid in 2006. Another tipster who is working on the Ennis House project wrote in:
They have begun structural work about a month ago. You can drive by and see some of the demo that has already been done. the EHF has the funds secured to do this work there is a signed contract (non-transferrable) with the Ennis House Foundation to do this work. In fact, there is a fundraiser this Saturday at the Storer House to raise more money to continue the work after the initial scope is completed which includes the structural rehab and replacement of approximately 2900 of the textile blocks. There is a fabricator and installer under contract for that already. I am calling bullshit on this rumor.
So there you have it folks. Renovation under way, no new buyer. Enjoy the weekend.
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