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"Pay to Play the Adelman Way"

While abusive, violent outbursts in some industries catapults you to the top, apparently it just doesn't cut it in Los Angeles' local bureaucracy. Now personal assistants and agent trainees aren't the only ones with boss-from-hell horror stories. Andrew Adelman, general manager of the Department of Building and Safety, is accused of cronyism, pursuing bribes and is embroiled in some bizarre lawsuits. Some of the accusations leveled against him:

Late last year, the Weekly received a letter from an anonymous source, titled “Pay to Play the Adelman Way,” which was copied to Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa and Controller Chick. The letter described pressure on employees to pursue donations from contractors, engineering and architectural firms and law offices for the “Building and Safety Charity Fund.” It stated that employees are required to pay to attend the annual Christmas party while politicians and distinguished guests receive complimentary tickets from Adelman; that employees work fund-raising events on city time; and that failure to participate is met by retaliation.
Wait - they require employees to work overtime? The horror! With lackeys in this town required to deliver their boss' stool samples, fold their underwear properly, and endure a barrage of violent threats, we're having a hard time mustering sympathy for the Building Dept serfs. They wouldn't last a week at ICM.
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