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Good Day/Bad Day for Caruso

It's like the day you win the lottery, you find out that your cat died. Or you get married, and find out your being layed off the same day. Hmmm... we're not so good at analogies. Anywho, today lifestyle mall developer Rick Caruso breaks ground on the long awaited death knell for the Glendale Galleria. Americana at Brand, located conveniently across the street from the Galleria, will be in the mold of The Grove, featuring 475,000 square feet of retail, plus 238 apartments and 100 condos, outdoor plazas and all the trappings of a Caruso project.

Caruso also learned today that citizens in the Bay Area community of Albany have qualified to have an initiative put on the November ballot that would "delay and limit" another Caruso mall development, Golden Gate Fields - again in the mold of The Grove, in order to protect some little used piece of land with a great view of the bay. The owners of the land are now suing to invalidate the initiative, saying it wasn't publically posted in conformance with election guidelines. Happy/sad day Mr. Caruso?
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