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Rumblings & Bumblings Responses: Too Cloudy

June gloom sucks. We're going to sleep now. But before we do, we'll give a few answers to the questions we posted from real readers with real problems. If you have a question for next week or an answer/update to a previous question, please email us directly at

1) Hollywood: In a classic case of non-answering, a reader responds to the question about the A-frame house in the Cahuenga Pass. "Regrettably, I don't have any salient info on that house, but I know it well. I'm writing to comment on the reader's questionable sense of direction, which might confuse other readers:

The building is roughly (roughly!) where I've indicated on the attached map (see above). But the 101, at that point, travels north-south (think about it; Highland -- northbound -- becomes the 101!). So the house in question couldn't possibly be on the "north" side of the freeway! It's on the EAST side of the freeway!"

2) Atwater Village: Interesting. No response from Eric Garcetti. Maybe he's too busy dedicating another park to Winnie the Pooh. However, LA City Nerd provides some relevant info about paving and cleaning of our streets. Mr. Nerd hypothesizes that the City budget has limits and digging up and repaving old concrete may cost too much, or it may just be in the works. And as for street cleaning, again shortage of cash and personnel may prevent proper sweeping. Mr. Nerd for City Council!

3) West Hollywood: WTF? We didn't know about no stupid hotel. A reader answers the question about the mine shaft that became a building. "The building at the corner of La Cienega and Fountain is the long awaited, finally started, nearly completed, addition to the Sunset Marquis Hotel."

4) West Hollywood: Our new favorite architect name, Instanbullu. "The 24HR fitness building will remain for now. No plans have been submitted officially to the City - yet. The owner has been shopping around a development for that property for years. If it ever happens it would be limited to 45' - 4 stories; current zoning standards. (Incidentally, the building next door (the old Athletic Club) is currently under design by Alex Istanbullu and an application should be submitted to the City soon).

5) Beverly Hills Adj. If its dirt hauling, it must be LACMA!

Thanks for the questions - and very muchos gracias for the answers. Please email us your questions before next Tuesday.