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Unsubstantiated Rumor of the Day: Ennis Brown Sold?

We have no idea if this one is true (but chime in if you know anything) - the latest rumor we've heard is the sale of Frank Lloyd Wright's Ennis Brown House. With major damage sustained in the Northridge quake, and worsened by 2004/5's winter storms, the house is in need of upwards of $10 million in restoration. Our rumormonger tells us the house has been sold by the Ennis House Foundation, after failing to raise the funds, to a "hollywood player" who plans to invest the capital to replace the textile blocks, repair the retaining wall, and make sure the house doesn't tumble down the side of the hill, restoring it to its former glory. With Hollywood's predilection for using the house in movies (like Blade Runner) and commercials, its conceivable that kind of invest might actually pay for itself in the long term in set rentals. Know any more details? more rumors? can you name names? Email us or post in the comments.