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Beverly Grove Goes Anti-McMansion Too

Another reader has been giving us updates on attempts to limit home sizes in the Beverly Grove area. Yesterday he let us know that today "the City Council will hear our normally MIA council person Jack Wiess propose an ICO (interim control ordinance) for the Beverly Grove that will limit home sizes to about 65% (or about 3,600 sq ft on our on average 6,000 sq ft lots)."

He attended the hearing today and reports back,

"[The Planning Commission] passed the proposed ICO with the provision that a 2 car, 400 sq ft garage will not be included in the FAR but any garage space larger than that would be. The FAR (floor area ratio) will be, I believe, 65% (.65 to 1 -ed.) and the new height limit will be 30 ft (originally 33 feet). Jack Weiss's office said that the current FAR rules would actually allow homes up to 9,000 sq ft on our 6,000 sq ft lots. There were about 30 people in support and exactly 5 people opposed.

The ICO was proposed and presented by Jack Weiss's staff. I don't know what happens now and I am uncertain if this makes it law or not.

The commissioners seemed to be very happy to have us there and spoke a great deal about the Manisionization issues. It appeared as though we were the 3rd proposal on this topic today. I have no idea what the other ICO proposals were in detail.

One was for Northeast LA and the third - maybe that was related to the LaBonge motion we mentioned a day or two ago.