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Local Man Makes Good: LaBonge vs. McMansions

Sorry to post so late about this, but heroic City Councilman Tom LaBonge (CD4)has heard our cries and the shrieking cries of people just like us. Yesterday, Labonge proposed a motion "to direct city planners to establish appropriate size-to-lot ratios for single-family homes," the Daily News reports.

"Real estate is at a premium, vacant lots are disappearing faster and faster, mansions are ruining neighborhoods," LaBonge said at a news conference at Mulholland Overlook above Hollywood. "No one saw this coming. Now it's a fever - and it has the potential to ruin L.A."

A fever? That's hot. The mcmansionization of our neighborhoods was later referred to as "a cancer" in the article. We hope this action doesn't result in the end of our McMansion Envy feature. We'll keep an eye on this.
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