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Diddy Riese Victim of Rising Rents?

[Image by JESSICA LUM/daily bruin]

Further evidence of Westwood's rising rents? Ice cream and cookie shop/late night student stoner stop Diddy Riese is raising its prices: the $1.00 ice cream sandwich is now an unfathomable $1.25. Apparently, this is the first price increase for its ice cream since way back in 1983, although cookie prices rose from 25 cents to 35 back in 2002. Diddy's owner cited "inflation and rising costs as the reasons behind the increase." Rising real estate rents? Higher gas prices? More expensive milk? Chowhounders sense a trend in Westwood Village: first East/West raised the price of its bahn-mi and then Eurochow shut its doors forever. While few seem to be mourning the loss of Eurochow, who knows how many poor UCLA students will need to tap into their laundry funds to throw down that extra quarter.
· Diddy Riese prices go up a quarter [Daily Bruin]