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Nick of Hollywood's News of Note

We've made a new friend, "Nick of Hollywood", who has more information on Hollywood happenings than a normal person should. He's graciously given us several pages of dirt on what's going on in the neighborhood which we're happy to share with you.

"Latest news is that there is a punk pizza joint going in on the Houston's BBQ side of Cahuenga that should be open afterhours. Also an artist called Eve is in lease negotiations for a art space/gallery on the east side of Cahuenga between Hollywood & Sunset.

Old rumors I heard... The owners of the Pantages were in the process of planning a major big budget theatre district around the Pantages. Also heard that the owners of The Spotlight Room were waiting for the new project next door to them to complete before they try to lease their space as an upscale bar/restaurant. Hear a great deal from our local post man about some Indian guy buying up the corner of wilcox and selma (the old scientology building) . Sounds like the guy owns most of the run-down hotels around it. Wilcox, right now just seems like a sleeping dog in the whole Hollywood Revival. There is a great little Panni/Coffee Shop/Florist on Wilcox, just north of Hollywood Blvd that no-one seems to know about."

Nick of Hollywood has more info we'll be leaking shortly. Which reminds us why we do this site. If you have the low-down on the happenings in your hood please email them to us at We're all about your neighborhood.