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Rumblings & Bumblings: Hello June Gloom

This week is really a mish-mash of questions. Nothing too difficult though. As always, please email your answers to or leave a comment.

1) Hollywood: A house in the Pass generates a question. "What's the deal with that A-frame building (residence?) on the side of the 101 freeway in the Cahuenga Pass/Hollywood area? It's on the North side of the freeway between Barham and Highland."

2) Atwater Village: Mr. Garcetti, one of your constituents has some questions. "I have lived in Atwater Village for seven years now and recently the roads in my neighborhood have been repaved...again. Seems like only a couple years ago, the same roads were repaved. Here's the catch: they only repave the asphalt ones. There are maybe 6 - 8 blocks -- between Glendale and Fletcher -- that are concrete and the city will not fix them. We pay all the same property taxes -- give or take -- why aren't we getting the same services?

Second question has to do with street cleaning. Many of these same blocks don't have regular street cleaning. Oh, sure, the street cleaners go up and down the street, but at some certain point, the street cleaning signs stop and the street cleaners simply move down the middle of the blocks and onto their next area. Clearly, all it wil take is for somebody from the city to add the signs to the few remaing blocks, but the city won't do it. Instead, our little neighborhood has had to petition to have street cleaning extended and the results have been off and on six month tests where temporary signs are put up monthly and street cleaners clean the streets once a month. Surely, this is taking more time and effort then just adding the signs and being done with it. What gives?"

3) West Hollywood: A question about that mineshaft looking thing. "A couple months ago I wrote in and asked if anyone knew what was being build on La Cienega where Fountain dead ends - that it looks like the entrance to a mine shaft. Well a few months later it appears to be a smallish condo complex. Does anyone have any further information on it?"

4) West Hollywood: A rumor? The reader above has a second question. "I heard that the 24 Hour Fitness on Santa Monica Blvd. in West Hollywood has been sold and within 3 years the entire building will be torn down and in its place an 11 story condo building will be built. Is this possible or is it some out of control rumor?"

5) Beverly Hills Adj. This isn't more dirt hauling from the LACMA site, is it? "Last night (5/30, 9pm) i was driving home on la cienega, heading north from the 10 off-ramp. on the east side of the street, from the freeway all the way up to olympic, there were those huge hauler trucks, parked and waiting for ???? there must have been a hundred of them. they stopped right at the beverly hills city limit. are we looking for jimmy hoffa here??"

Thanks for the questions. Please email us your answers or at least leave a comment. We'll have answers on Thursday. Thanks.