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New Yorkers Up the Ante: Broker Boys & Babes

It seems like weeks since our last reminder about our Broker Boys & Babes contest. Good news, we are still taking submissions. And guess what? Those fuglies on the east coast are saying their brokers are better looking than ours - and they're pretty much dicks about it, too. From Curbed NY comments:

"I think if you prefer the bleached blonde, tan leather skin and white teeth, then LA is for you..." "Do we really need this comparison? We all know that our City is better than all of southern california in every category."

"Must be an extremely slow day in L.A. if this is the proposed topic of discussion.
New Yorkers are far too busy admiring and contemplating our supreme landscape to respond to such ridiculousness."

Please email your finest specimen of broker booty to our attention at, and we'll show those east coasters what beauty really looks like.