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If something happens to us... Now you know

Last week we had a curious email from a longtime reader asking what was up with the Overvalued Real Estate Blog. That blog had given us hours of entertainment and several related posts (here and here), but had suddenly disappeared. We did some investigating (okay, Googling) and found that the Overvalued Real Estate Blog wasn't the only "bubble" blog that has disappeared. From the Marin Real Estate Bubble blog we read this:

I've been made aware that three housing bubble blogs, hosted on blogger (blogspot) have been attacked and taken down today:

These sites are now redirected to spam sites. There may be others, and the attack may be ongoing.

I've changed my password on blogger, am logged in to avoid a logout, and backed up my code, however, the real risk may be the archives. I'd hate to lose those.

Yes, we are going up against some big forces and big $$$ - the NAR, millions of soon to be unemployed realtors, the entire corrupt Real Estate Industrial Complex. I'm surprised it's taken this long to attack us."

The comments are rife with conspiracy theories about who or what is behind the disappearing bubble blogs. Could it be a concerted effort to block the truth - "a mystery wrapped in a riddle inside an enigma...." How does the bogus Marilyn Monroe exhibit in Long Beach tie into all of this? We want answers.
· Housing Bubble Bloggers Under Attack? [Marin Real Estate Bubble Blog]