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Monday Afternoon Linkage

Lansner on Real Estate reports on the Fed Chairman's spiel today on the state of our economy. As you all know, the housing market is cooling off - slowly deflating, if you will. Appreciation has also slowed leading to a potential slow down in consumer spending. BUT, as Lansner points out, the Fed Chairman also notes that the slack left over by a cooling housing sector may be picked up by an increase in non-residential construction. Good stuff.
· Cool housing to restrain consumers, Fed boss says [Lansner on Real Estate]

Longtime, no see to the Hollywood Machine who provides us with the Top 10 Reasons to Leave Hollywood.

7. You come to your freaking senses. A one bedroom house in a bad neighborhood is not worth $600,000.00. Period.
6. You think the movie Crash deserved the Academy Award.
5. You've come to believe that cocaine "is not really a hard drug."
4. You've come to believe that crystal meth "is maybe a hard drug, but I'm not sure."
3. You've slept with more than 2 girls named "Sunshine." And you're gay.
Read the rest and get updates on THM's Limey neighbor on his blog. Word.
· 10 Reasons to Leave Hollywood [The Hollywood Machine]

Home Depot is staying mum on its recent acquisition of a 20-acre site at 13031 Jefferson Boulevard, just north of Loyola Marymount. The LA Business Journal reports that plans for the large site are unclear due to Home Depot's existing store just down the road and the size of the site, which is way more than a normal store would need. Of course this uncertainty has neighbors in a tizzy and Councilman Rosendahl is trying to calm nerves about potential traffic nightmares. Nice job Home Depot. We're sure the community will support your plans now.
· Home Depot Buys Playa Vista Site [LA Business Journal]

LADOT is taking it to the little guy once again. Well, actually they're leveling charges against Five Star Parking, saying that the company shortchanged the agency $630,000 in revenue. A dishonest parking company? Who'd a thunk it? Five Star is claiming nothing but honest dealings with the City and has asked Laura Chick to audit their bills to prove they are on the up and up. Chick has declined to enter the fray leaving it to the bureacrats to sort out.
· Parking operator takes a gamble in calling on Chick [Daily News]