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Lazy Friday Post: Neighbors Sue, Hold a Party

What do you do when you want to build a totally awesome public beach facility, have the funds, the city approval and construction is set to begin - all to have it threatened by a lawsuit by a few NIMBY neighbors?

Throw a beach party, apparently. If anyone is still in town this weekend, the Friends of 415 are hosting a rally party in front of the proposed beach club on Monday:

BEACH PARTY RALLY: Join friends, neighbors and the news media for a beach party rally on Monday, July 3rd at 4 PM sharp on the sand in front of the historic Marion Davies Estate at 415 PCH (one mile north of the Pier). We'll have free hot dogs, popsicles, music, volleyball, bubbles, kites, kids games, face-painting and the news media! What a great way to show this is the land of the free than to take back our beach!

Nothing says we're going to take back our public land like bubbles, popsicles and kids painted to look like tigers. Rrrrr.