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Camino Nuevo Finally Gets The Love it Deserves

The reader who many months ago emailed in with a complaint about the Camino Neuvo High School being built on the traffic island in Silver Lake adjacent has had a change of heart. Ahh, this makes our heart warm.

So I emailed Rumblings and Bumblings a couple of months ago about the school going up at the corner of Temple/ Virgil/ Beverly on the edge of Silver Lake. It was looking damned ugly, and you guys did some research and posted on it. Well, I still want to see a traffic study, but I have to say the building looks pretty cool now. Check it out. We have checked it out. The pictures on the school's web site don't appear to be updated as frequently as they use to, but we don't need real pictures. All we need are sweet, sweet architectural renderings to make us all giddy.