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Thursday Mid-Morning Linkage

June gloom is just about over, the humidity is about to break, a long weekend is ahead. So let's have some happy linkage. First up, good news for LA's ports: Los Angeles and Long Beach harbor commissions are working together to reduce pollutants in the ports by 50 percent in the next 5 years. And they're putting their money where their mouth is this time: The Port of Los Angeles committed $177 million and Long Beach $181 million to put the anti-pollution measures into place. But its still not enough: "$1.6 billion is still needed. Officials hope to collect money from federal and state sources, including funds in the state infrastructure bond measure on the November ballot."
· Sweeping Air Pollution Plan Proposed for L.A., Long Beach Ports []

Hungry? LA Weekly releases its 99 Essential LA Restaurants this week, covering not only J. Gold perennials like Mission 261 or New Concept out in the SGV but newcomers like Bridge, Cut and Ford's Filling Station. And if 99 just isn't enough for you, there's a new guide on the market - focused on meals under $15. Take that, Zagat. Hungry? Los Angeles just released their 2006 edition.
· 99 Essential L.A. Restaurants [LA Weekly]

Feeling too poor to afford a Neutra? Bored with Schindler? The LA Times takes a look at the work ofEdward Fickett, a peer of those other guys, but without, like, the fame. Filmmaker Chris Iovenko recounts his renovation of a Fickett house, foregoing an opportunity to actually introduce readers to the architect's work and instead learn about Iovenko's penchant for period-appropriate terrazzo flooring and tile backsplashes. But wait! There's another article on Fickett and how much he was loved and appreciated by Bill Clinton! Well played, LA Times. Well played.
· A Fickett finessed to fit just so [LA Times]
· L.A.'s great unknown [LA Times]