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The 110, 710, and 210: Freeways of Our Lives

News today on three different fronts having to do with our freeways. First, Jalopnik gives a soothing backrub to the 110 freeway, recounting its past and present status as the first freeway in America. We heart the 110. As for its brothers, the 710 and 210, not so much.

We knew it would only be a matter of time before the natives started getting restless once they heard about the proposed tunnels being built to connect the 210 and 710. The Valley Sun reports citizens of La Cañada Flintridge, at the north end of the tunnels, who are generally opposed to all the traffic predicted to come their way, have hired a Sacramento lobbyist to watch the money as it flows in and out. The 4 1/2 mile tunnels would cost $3 billion to build - not counting the cost of a new interchange needed at Huntington drive which would cost another billion. Parsons Brinkerhoff, who we're sure has no vested interest in this project, conducted the study (PDF) which determined the twin tunnels were quite feasible to build. Everyone loves a tunnel!

Speaking of the 710, the highly trafficked, highly cancerous freeway is due for some much needed improvements to clean up all that pollution it generates. The Long Beach Gazette reports that the MTA has begun the process of seeking out candidates to conduct an Environmental Impact Report on the potential widening of the freeway between Long Beach and the 60 Freeway. One possible crazy idea mentioned, was the installation of a maglev system to transport cargo from the ports to inland warehouses. That's good. Let's get the crazy and really expensive ideas out of the way early in the process. Anybody want to suggest a monorail?