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Rumblings & Bumblings Responses: Whine With Your Cheese?

This week's Rumblings & Bumblings illicited a lot of responses and very little sympathy. As you may recall our questioner asked about a sticky sublease situation where he didn't feel he was getting his money's worth. He wanted to know if he could legally reduce his rent payments to the subleasor... y'all said, "Suck it up Whiner McWhiney." Or something like that. Your responses included:

To the sublettor whining.. stop your whining u little bitch. You signed up for something and this is America. If you didn't want to pay that much, then you shouldn't have entered into the agreement you scammer. The roommate with the lease is obviously trying to get out and see the world and save some money doing so, and you would be a piece of crap to try and get him in trouble. The only one that wins if you start being a bitch is the landlord because he could possibly kick all y'all out, rehab the entire place, and charge $4000 or more to some more rich spoiled cretins. Don't piss on the hand that feeds you.

Indeed. The unforgiving public also says: "Tough. Just live with it. You're not entitled to renegotiate after the fact. And how do you figure that adjusting your rent is in good faith? Did he sublet the apartment in bad faith? Did he hide the condition of the apartment from you before you agreed to the rent amount? You really have nothing to complain about." We could continue, but you can read the rest in the comments. Oh yes, please excuse our comments for the time being. There is some work underway on them at the moment. Thank you. Alert! No R&B next week due to the long holiday. But send your questions anyways. We'll store them in our secret place.