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Larchmont Neighbors: Anything is Better than Tuscan

[Image by Michael Weschler for The New York Times]

While the LA Times uses today's Home section to introduce Angelenos to little-known, long-dead architect Edward Fickett, the NY Times expends its print and pixel to introduce little-known, still-kicking architect David Thompson and his modern home in Larchmont. But rather than finding hostile neighbors aghast at the intrusion of modernism in their Arts & Crafts neighborhood, they welcome the departure: "I was thrilled," said James Pepper, who lives across the street in a 1914 bungalow. "Especially given the alternative. In Los Angeles, it could easily have been a cheesy Mediterranean villa." So there it is: faux-Tuscan = eyesore. Warm, clean modernism = bring it on!
· Thoroughly Modern but Downright Neighborly [NY Times]