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Schindler for Sale -- Another one

It seems like there's something going on with a Schindler every week here at Curbed. Somebody wants to buy one, somebody is selling one, somebody wants to know if Schindler is single. Co-editor Marissa is thinking of changing her last name to Schindler. And her first name, too. Schindler Schindler. That's how dedicated she is. This week, the LottaLiving forum reports that a Schindler triplex is for sale in Echo Park. Actually, two triplexes side-by-side, which makes a duplex - the Lacey Duplex, as they are known. Now you know. The buildings were built in the 20s and look every day of their age.
- The first property at 828 Laguna features a studio apartment and two one bedroom apartments. Retail price: $614,000
- The second property at 832 Laguna, next door, features two one-bedroom units and a seperate one bedroom cottage. Retail Price: $629,000.
· Echo Park, LA Schindler's 828 Laguna [Lotta Living]
· 828-830 Laguna Ave [Dilbeck Realtors]
· 832 Laguna Ave [Dilbeck Realtors]