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Tuesday Morning Linkage

[Image by Alexander Gallardo / LAT]

The LA Times gives a little love to our design museums, even if they don't like to call themselves "museums" since they lack, um, a collection. But who needs a permanent collection when you have a building, a board of trustees, and plenty of volunteers?
· Design museums build themselves up [LA Times]

Another day, another half-billion dollar downtown development. The LA Downtown News reports the CRA has approved the proposal for a 38-story tower, with 875 condominiums and retail stores that would fill an empty lot at Eighth Street and Grand Avenue. Now its off to the City Council for approval and groundbreaking could take place in 18 months. The $500 million project is supposed to be privately funded, meaning no affordable housing units necessary. But in an apparent gesture of good faith (or good PR?) the developer pledged to contribute $1.5 million to the Skid Row Housing Trust. Of course, by our calculation, that just .3% of the cost of the development.
· A Half-Billion Dollar Baby [LA Downtown News]

The saga of the South Central Farmers isn't quite dead yet. According to this AP article, the farmers pledge to return to the farm and deny moving to the city-offered plots of land in Watts. The city claims there are 150 families waiting to move to the new location. But the most important question, really, is how is Daryl Hannah holding up? Again there are conflicting reports. It seems she's gone off to Europe to shoot a film or something. Activists on the farmer's side say she's been in touch with developer Ralph Horowitz to negotiate peace. Horowitz, however, says he's been on vacation for the past two weeks and hasn't spoken to Daryl. Guess he missed the call.
· Inner-city LA farmers pledge to preserve garden two weeks after eviction [Mercury News]