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New Wine Bar Opening Near You

It seems like lately barely a day goes by without a new wine bar opening. If you're already bored by Vinoteca Farfella, Bodega de Cordova, Lou, AOC, or 626 RESERVE, never fear. Oenophiles can rejoice - there are at least 2 more wine bars opening shortly - in West Hollywood and Atwater. Eating LA has it on good authority (her hairdresser - that's good enough for us) that Atwater will be getting a new wine bar shortly in the old Ranch market space it will soon share with - what else? - a Starbucks. And Gayot reports another new wine bar: Bin8945 has opened in West Hollywood on Santa Monica Blvd.

[Image from Celebrities Eating]

If wine isn't your thing, we should also mention a couple of new hot dog places - it seems timely given the upcoming holiday. Skooby's (our personal choice over Pink's any day) has opened a second location in Hermosa Beach. And downtowners can also get a hot beef injection (if they're bored with Cole's and Langer's). Weeneez is about to open on Spring St in the Security Bldg (with an adjoining restaurant called the Red Dot). Enjoy your sausage.