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A Tale of Two NIMBY's

From our readers, comes two separate stories of some very ugly NIMBYism:

An Oxnard City Council meeting dissolved into chaos and threats of police intervention after delaying a vote on a proposed project to build 101 homes near a popular intersection. While the Enviromental Impact Report claimed the effect on traffic would be negligble, those hot-headed Oxnardians disagree. Loudly.
· Oxnard City Council Delays Centex Proposal [Ventura County Star]

[Image 415 PCH - Former Marion Davies Estate Site, by Kenneth & Gabrielle Adelman]

And it seems that four Santa Monica residents have gone all David Geffen on us, suing to stop the development of a public beach that was formerly Marion Davies' estate. The planned public beach club will feature amenities such as complete restoration of the North House, the restored historic swimming pool, a beach playground, a children's water-play area, volleyball courts, paddle tennis courts, an events room, community meeting rooms, a snack bar, and more. Community activists have already dubbed their killjoy neighbors the "Beach Bully Four" and are already mounting their anti-anti-development campaign, at
· Beach neighbors fight renovation of Marion Davies' estate