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Our Favorite Anti-Development Sites

Our second in a continuing series of our non-biased reviews of anti-development web sites which dot the Southern California internets. This week... Stop University Gateway.

When we attended USC, we had very little to worry about. Our football team ruled and we were beyond the stage of searching for undergraduate housing. Therefore, the proposed University Gateway barely caught our attention. Then we saw the billboard one day as we drove down the 110. Then we saw the blog post on LA CityNerd and from Mitch Glaser. And we still don't really care.

What is it About: Usually neighbors of USC complain about the fraternity booze-hounds who puke on their lawns and pee in their bushes. These neighbors appear to be more concerned about a parking shortage in the neighborhood and a lack of quality jobs and community benefits.
Villains: Urban Partners, Shamas family, Lies, and damned lies
Buzzwords: "responsible development"; "respect for resident stakeholders"; "significant traffic impacts"; "erode our quality of life."
Last Update: Hard to tell; best guess is February or March.
Site Design: This is a well designed site. We thoroughly enjoy the splashes of inflammatory red and the chunks of text that don't require us to think too much when we read it. The anger spills off the page, but as we learn from the Downtown News via Mitch Glaser, the group is just a front for a competing housing developer. Shame, shame. That alone brings our overall rating down several NIMBYs.
Our Judgement (on the scale of 1 to 5 NIMBYs, 5 being the best): 2.5 NIMBYs