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P-Shark: Age of Empires

We had the pleasure of meeting the Property Shark last week on his West Coast swing. The P-Shark promises more map goodies for the Los Angeles area as he gets more data. This week we take a look at one of the newest maps on the site, which identifies the age of structures in the City - the darker blue indicates older structures (1969 and younger) and the dark red indicates newer (1970-present). As you can imagine, looking at the entirety of the City, the oldest buildings are concentrated around the Downtown/USC/Boyle Heights areas with small pockets of pre-1925 buildings found in Long Beach, Venice and Pasadena. The lightest shades of blue and pink, indicating 1950 and later are concentrated in the Valley and the South Bay. The darkest red, indicating a build date of 2000 or younger, are spread out in the farthest reaches of the County, in the Palmdale and Santa Clarita area. The map above shows the area around the Beverly Center.