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Downtowners Rejoice over Groundwork

The Arts District's Groundbreak Cafe is opening a second location in downtown's Higgins Building [see above Curbed LA's deluxe, home-made site plan]. The Cafe joins neighboring Pitfire Pizza as a welcome addition to the modest supply of mid-range eateries downtown. Urban noshers can't live on Ciudad's ceviche and Grand Central Market's carnitas alone.

Owner Richard Karno plans to focus less on the foods and more on the bevvies:
"We're going to make it a real showcase for our single-source, even single-farm origin coffees." As part of its fair-trade "Cup of Excellence" program, Groundwork at a recent auction paid a world-record $49 per pound for Panamanian "Esmeralda Special" green coffee beans, Karno said. May we humbly suggest a "Cup of Mediocrity" program with a lower price point?
· Groundwork Cafe Coming to Higgins Building [LA Downtown News]