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WestsideRentals Feeds The Beast with Data Porn

And by the beast, we mean us, of course. WestsideRentals, the 300 pound gorilla in the rental listing market, has released statistics for May rentals for portions of the Westside - everywhere west of Beverly Hills, not including Santa Monica. What we learned as we navigated the graphs and charts is that the average rental price in the Westside area has increased 0.5% over the two month period starting March.

The largest rent increases occured in Playa Vista, where the total increase was 13.4% and Palms, where the total increase was 11.0%. Rent prices also increased in Marina Del Rey (Up 4.4%), Westchester (Up 4.1%), Playa Del Rey (Up 1.0%), and Mar Vista (Up 0.7%) Rent prices decreased in Venice by 10.3% and Culver City by 0.3%.

We eagerly await statistics for the rest of LA County. Thank you WestsideRentals.
· Official "Westside - South" Area Rent Survey May, 2006 []