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Anaheim Not Feeling Very "Special"

OC NIMBY's really took it to the next level this week, when community members spoke out against a proposed affordable housing and treatment facility for the mentally challenged. To wit:

Robert Cueva, a longtime Anaheim resident, said the project near Lincoln Avenue and the Santa Ana Freeway would "dump a bunch of undesirables on us."

Stan Pawlowski, a banker, said the influx of "parolees, child molesters and the mentally ill" would make the area unsafe for children.

A girl identifying herself as a junior high student said, "I don't want people that are crazy around my neighborhood, and I don't want mentally ill people to hurt me or my friends."

Councilmembers were suprised, ashamed, and "close to tears" upon the outpouring of bile from the community. And yet, Anaheim residents over the years have become accustomed to the witless hordes that flood the local theme parks each day. Perhaps there's room in their hearts for a few mentally challenged residents?

· Anaheim Officials Shaken by Harsh Remarks on Housing the Mentally Disabled[Los Angeles Times]