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Kunstler Visits LA, Declares Us "Absolutely Hopeless"

Like tell us something we don't know, dude. James Howard Kunstler, author, activist, and writer of Clusterfuck Nation as well as one of our favorite corners of the Internet, Eyesore of the Month, pays a quick visit to LA (or more precisely, Pasadena) and unsurprisingly, doesn't like what he sees:

Let's just say that part of the United States is absolutely hopeless. It consists largely of a roadway hierarchy and whatever's left is apportioned to valet parking. It has no future. The poor oblivious denizens of the place don't question their predicament. The whole sordid scene is, well, tragic, and I'm sorry, but let's pass over it for now. What shocks us isn't his distaste for LA - he rails against oil dependence, sprawl and car culture all the time. What we find surprising is how few pixels he devotes to writing about his trip to LA, preferring instead to discuss Seattle's condo follies. Like anyone has cared about Seattle since 93.
·Away and back [Clusterfuck Nation]